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How to paint a pumpkin: ideas and tutorials

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Осенний декор дома: красим тыкву своими руками

It's Pumpkin Time and also time to show some creativity!

Let's take a look today just at one way of decorating pumpkins and get some ideas and instructions on how to paint a pumpkin.

We found 10 great ideas on painted pumpkins and 5 easy tutorials, so you will be able to do your our little masterpiece!

10 great ideas for painted pumpkin decoration:

10 ideas for painted pumpkin decoration

See more details and pictures on painted pumpkin project ideas and notes from the project creators:

1. Patterned pumpkins from Lollyjane.com

2. Fall decorations with pumpkins from Littlelovables.blogspot.com

3. Pumpkin fun ideas from Feelinglovesome.blogspot.com

4. Painting Faux Pumpkins: ideas and a tip from TheDecoratedHouse.blogspot.com

5. Quick and Easy Painted Pumpkins from Bhg.com

6. Painted pumpkin arrangement with flowers: idea and a tip from OneCharmingParty.com

7. Painted pattern pumpkins from Alisaburke.blogspot.com

8. Chalk paint pumpkins from PerfectlyImperfectBlog.com

If you want to learn how to paint a pumpkin, here are 5 useful tutorials at your service:


1. How to Paint a real Pumpkin tutorial from Wikihow.com.

2. Missoni Pumpkin DIY tutorial from JaimeeRose.com

3. DIY Painted Pumpkins tutorial from SusieHarrisBlog.com

4. Milk paint pumpkin tutorial from MissMustardSeed.com

5. Crayon Drip Art Pumpkin Tutorial from TheSwellDesigner.com

Check more pumpkin decoration ideas from Darievna.ru:

Подпишитесь на доски (Autumn/Fall: projects, inspiration, ideas) следующих пользователей Pinterest: Darievna.

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